Charge All Your Devices In Less Than 55 Minutes

Find your rooms less messed up cables and chargers. With a jaw dropping 100 watt total charging capacity, Quick Charging Dock allows you to charge all your devices at once without messing up long running cables or buying multiple chargers for each device.

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  • Will

    This charger is sleek and has a cool display to that displays which port, voltage, and amps required when the port is taking power.When no ports are used or nothing is charging then the entire screen is lit.This unit can charge my iPhone XR by sitting it on top and has more than ports for all my devices on my desk. These include a usb powered fan, powering a mini pc with type c, charging cable for headset, ring light power, and ports for charging my wireless mouse when low on battery

  • Jhon Potter

    I got tired of cords, phones, tablets and a earbuds all over the counter so I made a charging station to do it all. I got this quick charger hoping it could take the load. I plugged in everything I could and it powered (pun intended) right through. It doesn't get hot and everything is running well so far (it has been a few weeks.) I am very happy with the performance as well a a clean countertop.

  • David Black

    Decently priced charge hub. Good power display. 8 ports (7 standard speed, 1 USB 3.0 high speed, 1 USB C high speed) with wireless charging pad on top. Power cable adds versatility. Has cooling vent on back.

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